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If you're a paying parent and you miss a payment, you need to catch up as soon as possible.If you can't pay in full, propose an amount you can pay immediately to reduce your debt. Use the Statement of financial details for debt repayment form to help you assess your financial situation.You may also not have told us about a change to your circumstances.It's important you tell us about any changes to your circumstances as soon as they happen, as we may not be able to backdate the change.

If you don't contact us or we can't make an arrangement with you, we'll actively try to recover the overdue child support for the benefit of your child.Mrs Balsamo claims that, following her husband's death, the CSA sent a letter saying: 'Sorry for your loss, please accept this letter as a claim on Ian Sandywell's estate for the outstanding amount of £9,000'.Changes in your circumstances may mean a change to the amount of child maintenance you pay or receive. She said the 'rude' letters from the CSA demanding cash had left him 'in despair' over fears he would not be able to afford the payments to support her and pay the mortgage'But we agreed to discuss the matter when I got home and I wasn't very worried.But my daughter, Jordan, got home from work at about 5.15pm and the TV was on pause and the lights were on, but Ian wasn't there.In this situation, payments are made using ‘the collection service.’ In other cases (i.e.where the person with care is not on benefits) the collection service can be used if one or both of the parties request it.I seem to be having a lot of trouble with the CSA the moment.I had my first call from them on September the 20th.My son’s father has to pay £5 a week – he has lied about his income, and is self employed. It reflects a serious loophole in the system and I want to fight it all the way – not just for my son but for other children and their mums. Rachel says: If you can demonstrate his income, either through paperwork such as proof of contracts or by his standard of living (this may require a private investigator), you can apply to a CSA team that specialises in working out payment calculations for those whose incomes are not easy to ascertain.He is actually a very successful TV producer who earns at least £50k a year. Unfortunately, when a person’s income is largely cash or fluctuates heavily, it is always difficult to prove that the actual income is greater than the amount disclosed by that person.

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