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Lygon Street north of Elgin Street was not part of the cable tram network.Bus services now run the full length of Rathdowne Street, from Victoria Street, Carlton, through to Park Street, North Carlton.

The driver or "gripman" controlled the movement of the dummy car by gripping or releasing the cable that ran in a slot between the tram tracks, just below the surface of the road.If you have old photos or stories about your experiences with particular businesses or institutions we would appreciate hearing from you. The Carlton cable tram line (also known as Johnston Street Bridge) travelled via Lygon, Elgin and Johnston Streets and terminated at Abbotsford.The North Carlton linee followed the Carlton line to Rathdowne Street, then travelled north to Park Street.(Mazal Tov, Gad født under en heldig stjerne) ; ATLIN (M) (Adele, Ethel) ; AUERBACH (G) (Awerbach, Awerbuch, Orbach, Urbach) ; AUSLANDER (D) ; AUSPITZ (G) ; AUSTERN (G) (Ostern, Pesah, Passover, Easter, (Påske, red.) ; AVIGDOR (P) (Victor, Vigder, Vigdorchik, Vigdorowitz) ; AVRECH, AVERIK, AFRICK, (A) eller (P) ; AXELROD (P) (Axelrad, Axeldar, Axelrood, Achselrad) ; BACHRACH (G) (Bacharach, Bacherach, Bacher, Bachrich) ; BADANES, BODANIS (M) ; BAKST, BAXT (G)BALSAM (O) ; BALTA, BALTER (G) ; BAMBERG, BAMBERGER (G) ; BANET, PANET (P) (Bonet, Bongjorn, Baneth, Paneth) ; BARBAKOFF (A) og (P) (Baruch) ; BARDACH (A) og (P) (David) ; BARON (P) og/eller ((L) (Aaron) ; BARR, BAR (G) (Bona, Bina) ; BARU (A) og (P) (Wolff) ; BASKIND, BASKIN (M) ; BASS (O)BELKIN (M) (Belkind) ; BELMONT, BELMONTE (G) (evt.Schönberg,red.) ; BELOFSKY, BELLOW (G) ; BENDER (G) eller (O) ; BENOWITZ (P) ; BENSHEIM (G) ; BENSINGER (G) ; BERGER (G) eller (P) (Barukh, Berg, Bergman) ; BERKAL (G) ; BERKMAN (P) ; BERKO, BERKOWITZ (P) (Bernstein) ; BERNICK (G) ; BERNSTEIN (P) eller (O) (Berko, Berish) ; BERTINERO (G) ; BESSER (O) ; BETTELHEIM (D) ; BETTSACK (P), (A) eller (O) ; BIBACK, BIBICK (O) ; BICKEL (O) eller (A) ; BIEDERMAN (D) (Beederman) ; BILDHAUER (P) eller (O) ; BINDER (O) (Bindler) ; BING (G) ; BIRNBAUM (H), (G) eller (P) (Berenbaum) ; BISTRITZKY (G) ; BITENSKY (G) ; BLACHER (O) ; BLASER (O) ; BLASHKI, BLASZKA (G) ; BLAU (A), (D) eller (F) (Weiss, Schwartz, Gross, Klein, Roth) ; BLAUSTEIN (A), (D), (F) eller (O) ; BLECHMAN, BLECHER (O) ; BLEIER (O) ; BLEIWEISS (O) eller (D) ; BLITSTEIN (F) ; BLOCH (G) ; BLOOM (M) eller (H) (Blum) ; BLOOMFIELD (M) eller (H) ; BLOWITZ (G) ; BLUM (M) eller (H) (By adopting a policy now, an institution can avoid litigation and can consider its own environment and structures to determine what will work best for the institution and the students it serves.The issue of allowing companion animals on campus requires administrators to weigh the costs and benefits.(369) Even though an educational institution is not required to allow such animals under the ADA, given the recent activity by HUD and the DOJ applying the FHA to campus housing, administrators should implement a policy allowing for such animals.Students with documented disabilities who can benefit from an assistance 77animal (but may not require a service animal) should be given the opportunity to be treated as if they were in private housing.(368) The recent ADA rulemaking that restricts the protection of the ADA to persons using service animals that are individually trained canines (and, with some limitations, miniature horses) serves to clarify the federal law on this issue.The issue of emotional support animals or assistance animals under the FHA is a more challenging issue for administrators.

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