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If the album's title is too generic, you may need to tweak your search terms (try adding the artist name).Also, beware titles like 'Greatest Hits', which will pull in all matching tracks regardless of artist.Having album art accompany the music in i Tunes not only makes it look great, but it also makes finding and identifying music on your Mac, PC, i Phone, i Pad or i Pod quick and easy.Usually i Tunes does a good job of automatically adding album art to music you import, but sometimes it can't find the right artwork.In most cases i Tunes is displaying the artwork correctly, but when the users' devices are synced, the artwork does not transfer for all songs.Apple Support Discussions user imranus describes: "I am using an i Phone with 2.2 software.If you're missing artwork, however, this stylish design turns into a sea of gray squares.To obtain the covers, use i Tunes on your computer to find all the albums with missing art, and then either download the art from Apple or import it from an image file.

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At its largest, the collection was almost 6x larger (though I’ve done some paring down in recent months).

When Apple Music was announced, it promised to solve the “let me access my own music from the cloud” problem for once and for all. All 30 million of their tracks at your fingertips, perfectly integrated with the familiar i Tunes interface your existing collection, available from any device. No more “People who like this also liked that” algorithmic baloney of other services, but a real investment in human editors and curators who could help with the “discovery” problem in a way that no chunk of code can.

And within days of starting to use it, Apple Music was putting incredible stuff in front of me — absolutely nailing my tastes.

If necessary, select tracks you don't want to change and choose Edit Delete.

If you're using a Windows PC then Album Art Downloader is a good alternative that works in a similar way to Album Artwork Assistant.

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