Updating nvidia video bios intimidating guild names

This came about, from a thread another person posted that was having issues editing, and then flashing his bios.Im not certain if this is a fluke, or an anomaly as myself, and another user had both experienced.If you bought a generic inexpensive video card and don’t know its manufacturer, you have to use the card’s FCC ID code.You can discover the card manufacturer through this code, found in a tag glued to the board.CAUTION, FLASHING BIOS CAN BRICK YOUR CARD, AND WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY, USE WITH CAUTION!

The updating of the video card BIOS is not that mysterious, all you have to do is visit the video card manufacturer’s site and download the software required to make this update (generally in an area called support, downloads or BIOS). The card manufacturer is not usually the chip manufacturer.But first you'll want to go here.1) In order to find what BIOS you'll want to use, you first need to find your card's model.To easily find it use the filters at the top of the page to navigate to your manufacturer's cards.As every guide I seem to read forces you to do the boot loader route, which is entirely way more difficult then this method.Again, I apologize if this has been covered, and feel free to move, or delete this thread as seen fit.In this tutorial I will be using the XFX Black Edition Radeon HD 7970 as an example. Sometimes manufacturers release updates for cards that tweak some stability issues or fix other things.Other times you'll want to upgrade to a custom BIOS in order to overclock a normally voltage-locked card. GIGABYTE Windforce GTX 780)Things You'll Need- Your GPU model name/number- A web browser Part 1: Choosing your BIOS and Flashing tool This part is pretty simple.The way to actually use NVFlash is to open a command line in that folder manually.It’s really easy – just hold the SHIFT key and do a right click anywhere in the folder.Then you visit enter the code in the form and the system will tell you the card manufacturer.This tip is not useful for computers with on-board video.

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