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As the wife of one of the most famous guitarists in the world, Deborah Santana knows what it's like to be overlooked, to be, as the title of her new autobiography says, the "Space Between the Stars." But when you read her tightly crafted, colorfully written and surprisingly honest self-portrait about her life before and with Carlos Santana, you come away wondering who exerts more force -- the star or the woman who has shaped their lives together for more than three decades.

"When I thought about myself, I realized the space between the stars is what holds the stars up," she says in a phone interview, a few days before the release of the 328-page book, which took its title from a poem she once heard but can no longer find.

The first single, “Anywhere You Want to Go,” is out Feb. “Santana IV” is the highly anticipated reunion album that returned Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Michael Carabello and Michael Shrieve to the studio for the first time since recording “Santana III” in 1971 (the album was recorded at Odds On Studio in Henderson through 20).

Santana’s band has been updated significantly since his most recent appearances at HOB in November.

As he promised, his wife, Cindy Blackman, has left Lenny Kravitz’s band and is taking the drums in place of Las Vegas favorite Pepe Jimenez of Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns.

“Do it lovingly and do it honorably, and accept that that particular relationship has been accomplished,” Santana said when asked him if he had any advice to offer readers going through a divorce. But all that remains from the past relationship is beauty and blessings.” After the proposal, Santana said “Cindy and I are blessed to have found each other,” as part of an official statement.

His younger brother, Jorge Santana, would also become a professional guitarist.

Young Carlos was heavily influenced by Ritchie Valens at a time when there were very few Mexicans in American rock and pop music.

"It brought me a healing I had not experienced." Her own toughest critic, she pulls no punches, and the sympathetic reader can't help but speed through the pages to see how she recovers from traumas that most people would prefer to gloss over -- the abortions she says were forced on her by a rock star and a guru, her drug use, her husband's infidelities.

The goal, she says, was to be "honest and live with integrity and compassion, more than to look good. I want people to know I'm flawed and I'm standing." Raised in San Francisco by respected black jazz guitarist Saunders King and his tough Texan wife, of Irish-English ancestry, Jo Frances Willis, Santana thought she was the same as the other kids in her third-grade classroom, until a few of them meanly pointed out the difference in the color of her parents' skins. She recalled a story about her father refusing to play a club in the South when the owner put a white rope down the middle to segregate the races.

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