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[Jonesy and Nikki are staring into each other's eyes.]Nikki: "You know who's the cutest guy around? I'm totally wasting my high school sweetheart years."Nikki: "Try going on a date or something."Wyatt: "It's been one heck of a dating dry spell."Jen: "And, even if you're lucky enough to get a date, you know within the first five minutes the person sucks."Caitlin: "But then, you've still gotta get through a two-hour dinner."Nikki: "You know what you guys should try? In the event of a real suggestion, you'll be notified without a sarcastic tone, okay? "[Nikki rings the bell to start the dating session.

"Jonesy: "I am."Nikki: "Ope, hold on." [She looks around.] "Yep! Speed dating." [She laughs.]Caitlin: "That's a great idea! "Jonesy: "Hold them horses, Nikki, you're on to something there! " [A bunch of people have gathered to speed date.]Jonesy: [to Jen] "Okay, so what you want to do is keep telling yourself none of these guys are good enough, no matter how hot they are."Wyatt: "You got anything for me? Well, if you don't know what to talk about, try singing. Jen is at a table with a blonde guy.]Jonesy: [in her memory] "You gotta be unattainable! " [She checks her cheat sheet.]Jen: "I don't like you." [Her date looks shocked.] "Right–now."[Jonesy slaps his forehead. Nice to meet–" [A fly flies into his mouth, and he chokes until he finally swallows it.] "Anyway–"[The bell rings.]Wyatt: "Um...."Jonesy: [in his memory] "Foot in the mouth."[Wyatt doesn't say anything for a few more seconds until he gets the idea to pick up his guitar and play.

Looks like you win the big prize: me."[Nikki kisses him, and they giggle.]Jen: "Ugh, do you mind? I could use a new job, and this could be just the ticket! I mean, that is your forte."Wyatt: "Go on."Jonesy: "And by not talking, you'll avoid that foot-in-the-mouth thing you always do."Wyatt: "What? The bell rings.]Caitlin: "You'll be happy to know that I'm up for anything."Angry Boy: "I hunt squirrels and dress them in little polyester pants."[Caitlin and Nikki look shocked. This goes wrong when his A string breaks, flies across the table, and whips his date's face.]Brunette Girl: "Ow! " [The bell rings.]Caitlin: "You've got a great energy. Actually, once, when I was skydiving–"Jen: "I went skydiving when I was five. Definitely won't be needing this." [He puts his guitar down.][Jen's last date comes back to her table and moves to sit down.]Jen: "Sorry, wrong table.

" [Nikki stares at him.] "Yeah that's right, I got fired from my job cleaning vacuum cleaners? Anyway, ten bucks a head, times twenty daters, that's uh, carry the six, a ton of coin! I love your eyes, and I'm not even lying."Todd: "Uh, if you say so. "Caitlin: "You can if you want to."Todd: "I'm happy to do whatever you want me to do."Caitlin: "Whatever you want."Todd: "No, you."Caitlin: "You."[The bell rings. Had to fight off an attack helicopter."[Her date opens but then shuts his mouth. My guitar string's broken, so–" [He looks up.] "Hey! We just saw each other."Todd: "No we didn't."Jen: "Uh, yeah, we did."Todd: "Sorry, but we didn't."Caitlin: [to the same guy] "Yes, we did!

One is a nice photo of Caitlin, while the other is an awkward Wyatt.]Jonesy: "Picks will be done in private so it's not awk-ward, but both must pick each other to receive that second date offer. " [The food court murmurs.]Nikki: "Let the games begin! Wow, I didn't–" [She checks the cheat sheet.]Jonesy: [in her mind] "Rule number 3: no matter what, you're always right."Jen: "Like I said, we did speed date already! "Caitlin: [whispering] "Don't worry about it, let's just have a good time with these guys! "Jonesy: "This doesn't concern you."Jen: "This doesn't concern you!

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101 pages (Drama) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board4 F'n Years by Jared Hampden2 days four years apart illustrate the day Player Naylor left his life of crime behind, and the day his life of crime caught up to him and the love of his life. Her only hope is to pick up a coaching job to stay around football. Duthin Nautius, captain of the Roman fleet comes back to Pompeii, his birth town after a brilliant career on sea.

99 pages (Drama) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board4th and Long by Vicky L. Under the guidance of her father, Sam, a college coach, Jenna becomes a solid quarterback with great agility rarely seen on the field. She is lost without the strong connection to the sport she has known her own life. 129 pages (Drama) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board79 A. He brings with him Nikias a Greek man who saved his life during a pirate battle.

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